Since 2003, Slowmo has built up a substantial knowledge of filming ballistic and munitions trials at high speed having worked on many occasions for major Defence/Ordnance companies and ranges.

The work is largely UK based but we can cover trials in mainland Europe and the US on request. Since 2007, Slowmo has covered the high speed camera requirements at Radnor Ranges filming all types of ballistics and munitions testing for defence, blast protection and engineering companies. We have been used by major defence companies such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, BAE, Roxel, MBDA and QinetiQ.

In addition to defence work, Slowmo has filmed several demolitions of large structures such as power stations, cooling towers and tower blocks. This application requires a similar approach as it involves explosives, unsafe locations and the ability to operate cameras from distance.

Mark Johnson from Slowmo has SC Security Clearance.


Ballistic Showreel

A showreel demonstrating Slowmo’s extensive experience in filming bullets, projectiles, weapon deployment and associated target effects.


Munitions Showreel

A showreel highlighting Slowmo’s filming skills in capturing explosive events, blasts, shockwaves and their effects on vehicles, buildings and equipment.

For high speed filming of ballistics and munitions, our experience enables us to select the optimum frame rate (up to 1,000,000 fps), the correct exposure taking into consideration the actual blast/projectile, and optimal camera placement to achieve the best possible detail with camera safety in mind. Slowmo can provide multiple high speed cameras all of which can be triggered remotely from distance. Slowmo recently filmed an explosive-type trial using 7 cameras. RPGs, shape charges, bullets, missiles (included sea-based trials) and the effect of penetration through various materials have all been filmed in slow motion. Projectile velocities can be calculated within minutes of the trial finishing. High speed footage captured by Slowmo has been shown at Defence exhibitions all over the world and was very well received on its stand at DSEI 2015. In addition, Slowmo recorded footage for ITN/C4/NBC news on the effect of on-board plane explosions.



Slowmo now has both mono (S12) and colour (S16) versions of the new NOVA camera which are ideal for indoor/outdoor ballistics work. Both cameras offer exceptional resolution and light sensitivity at ultra-high frame rates. In addition there are both colour (1x) and mono versions (2x) of the Photron SAX2 high speed camera.  The SAX2 camera is also robust enough to withstand shock waves.

The Photron AX-200/AX-100/UX-50 are all compact systems and Hi-G rated and can be used to capture on-board images from vehicles undergoing blast/IED testing and for additional views of indoor ballistic trials. Corporate videos showing defence based products and equipment are an important promotional tool for defence companies. The Photron BC2 HD camera can provide the necessary high definition colour images up to 2000fps, ideal for arena views.

Over the years Slowmo has customised its equipment especially for working on exposed ranges. Each camera can be powered from 24V Lithium-Ion batteries. Triggering can be performed in a variety of ways (radio controlled remote, manual switch, TTL signal, impact shock or a change in image) and from distances > 1km away. A GPS timecode (IRIG-B) can be added for synchronisation purposes. Slowmo has a 4 wheel drive vehicle which helps to gain access to remote locations especially in bad weather. We are familiar with trials H&S and have our own PPE and walkie talkies.



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