Requirement was to capture the detonation and form of different shape charges over several trials. In all over 50 separate firings were recorded using 3 Photron high speed cameras. The location was the main arena at Radnor Ranges. One set of trials involved targeting the shape charge at a 105mm live shell. This shoot presented a number of issues, namely the velocity and brightness of the shape charge and the destructive nature of a potential shell detonation. For the shape charge, we used the Photron SAX high speed camera with the following settings – 50000fps, 1/1000000s shutter speed, 512 x 256 resolution, 50mm F1.4 lens stopped down to F18.


This exposure resulted in the detonation and trajectory of the shape charge being captured in great detail. Mirrors were used on all three cameras so they could be positioned fully behind concrete blocks. One instance where a magic arm clamp, protruding only a few inches, holding a mirror was sliced in two by a piece of shell casing demonstrated the dangerous nature of this trial.