High-speed cameras can provide a quick evaluation of certain spray nozzle characteristics (cone of spray, concentration, trajectory, droplet formation). The atomization and spray plume development of liquids exiting spray nozzles can be easily visualised and qualitatively assessed. Some image-based measurements can also be performed (cone angle, velocity).

Filming sprays has been a frequent application for Slowmo for many years. Lighting is extremely important when filming sprays. A spray’s shape and distribution will appear different under various lighting conditions and backgrounds. A spray can be either front lit or backlit depending on what needs to be seen as well as camera access.

A short shutter speed is required to show the droplet detail within the spray plume itself. Frame rates in the order of 5000fps to 15000fps tend to be used for manual sprays.

Backlist Spray Applications

For backlit spray applications, Slowmo has recently purchased a high power and uniform LED Backlight from EffiLux. The EFFI-BL is is a powerful and robust LED backlight.

It offers exceptional contrast, high intensity & uniformity to provide a superior solution for backlight applications.

Examples of high speed spray videos shot with the EFFI-BL backlight are shown below. Taken with the Photron NOVA S12 mono high speed camera.


Complete camera kit for spray analysis (camera, backlight, lenses, laptop) can be dry hired on a weekly basis and a quick start guide will outline the initial setup.

Case Studies

  • Slowmo has been providing high speed cameras and lighting for an ongoing spray analysis project undertaken by the Materials Processing Institute (MPI) in Middlesborough. The project’s aim was to evaluate nozzle design on an extremely high pressure water spray. In order to capture the flow and form of the water spray, a frame rate of 50,000fps was required with a 500ns shutter speed using the Photron NOVA S12 camera. For close-up images, nozzle design was analysed using an ultra high frame rate of 115,200fps.
  • Slowmo has analysed various manual and automatic air freshener sprays on behalf of Reckitt Benkiser.
  • Disinfectant sprays from Tristel Ltd were analysed using a high speed camera operated by Slowmo. Various sprays (foam, gel, aerosol) were recorded at 10,000fps.