In use since 2008, the Photron SA3 has proved an extremely flexible and reliable camera covering all applications especially industry and diagnostics. It is still in high demand today.

PHOTRON-SA3-newThe SA3 differs in terms of construction from other Photron cameras in the fact it is not fan cooled but is a sealed unit. This makes it more suitable for wet/dusty environments. It is also tested to 100G and has been placed on board vehicles undergoing explosive testing.

The SA3 is a colour camera and can film at high frame rates in poorly lit situations. It is capable of 2,000 full frames per second (fps) at 1024 x 1024 resolution and comes with the maximum 4GB memory.

It is the camera of choice for industrial dry hires along with the AX-100. It is ideal for production line fault finding and pick and place applications.

Technical Datasheet

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